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March 2022 Newsletter

In this issue read about reparations and how you can be part of the movement to tell our story in our language. Click on the front page below to open the newsletter. Want to get our newsletter delivered straight to your inbox? Click here.

December 2021 Newsletter

In this issue read about a historic ordination and decolonization in action, a few different types of tipis, happy news from Return of the Buffalo, how the Centre is now open to book for your next event and a trip down memory lane involving a temperamental car heater and the northern lights. Click on the…
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Orange Shirt Day 2021

Many events are taking place to commemorate the history and legacy of residential schools and honour the survivors, their families, and communities on September 30th. Here’s where you’ll find us: Join Sandy-Saulteaux staff and friends at St. John’s Park in Winnipeg for an Orange Shirt Day Pow Wow:   Join Chinook Winds Region for an…
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August 2021 Newsletter

In this issue read how our communities are honouring the children in light of announcements of unmarked graves at residential school sites, quotes from our elders on the importance of re-mission, humour and stories, our best wishes to Gail Larson in her retirement, what our donors love about the Centre, how SSSC had a huge…
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Our Hearts Overflow with Gratitude 

By Rob Witmer              Our hearts overflow with gratitude when we think of the impact that the Centre has had on our lives.   As overseas personnel for The United Church of Canada, we were on home assignment in Canada in 1994-95 when I read “Journey from Fisher River”, written by Joyce Carson about the life…
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Calls to the Church: Listening to the Wisdom of the Elders

The Pacific Mountain Regional Council of The United Church of Canada presents a four part series to explore the Calls to the Church. June 1 – 4, 2021 6:30 -7:30 pm PT / 7:30 -8:30 pm MT Workshop is free. Registration is required.  The Calls to the Church document articulates the Indigenous Church’s vision for the ongoing…
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Vancouver School of Theology Convocation & Celebration

At the Vancouver School of Theology Convocation and Celebration on May 11, 2021 Murray Pruden received his Master of Divinity, Tony Snow received a scholarship award and Gloria Snow received her Indigenous Studies Program Certificate in Theological Studies Download the 2021 VST Convocation Program. Watch the Convocation on YouTube.

My Spiritual Journey

By Robert Patton When we were born our Creator set us out on journey. Each one of us was given our own special path. As we set out, we encounter many great moments of beauty and distractions along the way. Each one teaches us, we learn of the world around us, of the joys and…
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multi-coloured corn kernels

April 2021 Newsletter

In this issue read a reflection on Creation as the first bible, a letter from one of our grads about being a minister during a pandemic, an invitation to tune in to our new podcast and more. Click on the front page below to open the newsletter. Want to get our newsletter delivered straight to…
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Three Sisters Garden

The term “Three Sisters” emerged from the Kanienkehaka (Iroquois) creation myth. It was said that the earth began when Sky Woman who lived in the upper world peered through a hole in the sky and fell through to an endless sea. The animals saw her coming, so they took the soil from the bottom of…
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