National Indigenous Spiritual Gathering 2019

National Indigenous Spiritual Gathering 2019

Hosted by the National Indigenous Council of The United Church of Canada, ”the National Indigenous Spiritual Gathering is to be a forum for listening to and discerning the Creator’s plan; visioning; spiritual nurture; mutual accountability; inspiration; education; youth development; and expressing the voice of the Indigenous community on spirituality and ministry.

The Gathering, held every three years, is responsible for being the voice of the Indigenous community on spirituality and ministry; providing direction to the National Indigenous Council, General Council, and the Executive of the General Council in response to the Creator’s plan; being the voice of inspiration; being the collective voice; and leadership training.

The Gathering is hosted by the National Indigenous Council, supported by Indigenous Ministries and Justice staff, and comprised of representatives from each of the congregations named as Indigenous communities of faith, urban Indigenous participants, youth and young adults, children, and General Council Office staff.”


Art by Connie Dickens, Tsimshian artist from Prince Rupert, BC


Are you attending the National Indigenous Spiritual Gathering? Here’s what you need to know:

In preparation for the NISG 2019 please read the following workbooks:

1) Calls to the church
2) AMC 2 – IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CALLS TO CHURCH  Origin:  Aboriginal Ministries Council
3) Governance
Indigenous communities of faith are building their relationship with the wider United Church of Canada and structuring their governance system.
4) Working Groups and Advisory Groups
a) Healing programs working group
b) Indigenous Justice Advisory Group
c) Real property working group
Mission Support Working Group (forthcoming)- not here yet
These need to be read in advance of our NISG 2019 meeting to make informed decisions.


Be prepared to make your decision when we are at the NISG 2019 Decisions
Elders Council National Indigenous Organization Office of Vocation Setting Priorities for the Triennium
(A) Elders Council & (B) National Indigenous Organization
What is the Elders council ?
The nominees for the NISG 2019 are:
NISG 2019
What is the National Indigenous Organization?
National Indigenous Organization
National Indigenous Organization Framework
National Indigenous Organization Nominees 2019
Please read these nominees lists for the national elders council and the national indigenous organization to make your selections at the next NISG 2019 in Rama Ontario.
Please find the program/ agenda for the NISG 2019 Program
The National Indigenous Council is looking forward to hosting you at YMCA Geneva Park! Please take some time to review the Items to Remember list to ensure a comfortable stay.

What to bring to Rama Ontario: Items to remember
-Bring an item to donate to the Silent Auction. Proceeds will go to the Mission and Service Fund.
-A gift to contribute to the giveaway taking place at the closing ceremony.
-Bring a drum, guitar or other musical instruments that are easy to travel with
-Copies of hymns in your native language
-Craft items to sell
-Please consider bringing an eagle feather to donate for the new eagle staff for our new structure as we move forward (the office will provide details).


Very Important:
Once your travel arrangements have been confirmed all fees and costs related to changes will be your responsibility. Communities of faith will receive an invoice for travel costs if their delegate is a ‘no show’.

If you need to contact someone regarding the NISG 2019 you can find contact information here:

All of the above information can be found on the NISG 2019 website: