SSSC is hiring!

The Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre is seeking a Keeper of the Learning Circle  and a Keeper of the Centre.

The Keeper of the Learning Circle is responsible for overseeing the Ministry Training Program including duties of teaching, engaging resource people and elders for the Learning Circle, monitoring progress and shepherding students through the learning process, engaging with student community and church supports, developing curriculum and policies, and engaging the wider educational community to expand and develop SSSC program offerings. This position combines duties normally undertaken by a Registrar and Student Dean.  Read more.

The Keeper of the Centre is responsible for overseeing the retreat business, facility management , and business affairs of SSSC. Essential is the ability to thoroughly understand financial statements and reports, to analyze financial data, report financial performance, prepare budgets and monitor expenditures and costs. Preparation of sound business and financial plans as well as networking with the broader philanthropic community and supportive public is central. The position is also responsible for the management of the retreat business of SSSC including but not limited to hospitality, physical care, casual staff and facilities management. Read more.


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