The cost for the Ministry Program includes tuition, accommodation and meals.  Travel will depend on where each student lives.

Tuition and Accommodations for 2012-2013:

One Learning Circle

2-Weeks Learning Circles

Annual cost of 4 Learning Circles

Ninth Week



$400 $100
Tuition, Accommodation & Meals $715 $1430 $5720 $715
Supervision (quarterly) $390 $1560
Books $75 $150 $600
Totals $2070 $8280 $815


Total Annual Cost for full time student = $9095 plus travel


Road:  The Centre is accessible by road (Highway 44, 2k east of Beausejour.

Air:  Beausejour is about 1 hour from Winnipeg International Airport and Perimeter.  It is about 30 minutes from St Andrew’s Airport, Lockport.

Train:  VIA Rail has scheduled trains stopping at Winnipeg three times per week.

People arriving by air or train should contact the Centre for arrangements for pick up.