Cross-Cultural Learning

Deepen your understanding of Indigenous culture. Hear teachings of respect, healing and connectedness. Learners of all ages are invited to take part in continuing education programs, community building retreats, cross-cultural workshops and ceremonies year-round at the Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre.

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Sweat Lodge: A sweat lodge ceremony can be for healing, reflection, a renewal of body, mind and spirit or a time for sharing and teaching Indigenous culture. Particpants enter the sweat lodge with an elder, or spiritual leader, each of whom will have their unique way of leading songs, prayers and storytelling inside the lodge. Grandfather and grandmother rocks, heated in a sacred fire, also enter the lodge providing the heat that leads to a cleansing sweat.sweat lodge


Sharing Circle: Led by an elder, participants have the chance to talk about their experience in the sweat lodge and ask questions to better understand the ceremony and the teachings  shared. The circle is a collaborative learning model that strengthens a group’s sense of connection.

teaching circle

Traditional Teachings & Crafts:  Learn about the Seven Sacred Teachings (love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility and truth), the Medicine Wheel, sacred medicines or other teachings with a hands-on activity customized for your group. Possibilities include making medicine bags, rock painting and beading.sage (2)









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